The Unadoptables: Hank

unadoptables_character designs_hankfinal.png

Hank, the cafe owner in our webcomic The Unadoptables, is a giant of a man who is deeply in touch with his inner cat lady. He loves all cats, but especially the lifers. He’s a bit cat-like himself: independent and indifferent to people in general, but he conceals a whole lot of personality. It’s hard to get much of a reaction out of Hank, but push the right button and you’ll get the equivalent of a tail flick.

A friend introduced us to Moshow recently. He’s a Northwest dude who isn’t shy about his love for cats. Everyone should watch his videos. I’m a sucker for dudes who love cats.

We just got the first layout sketch for a page of the comic from our artist, Beth Morrell! We are SO excited! This Thursday we’ll introduce you to our cat Jelly from The Unadoptables with a videoIf you haven’t seen our first teaser video yet watch it here.

Our crowdfunding campaign launches June 6th!

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