The Unadoptables: Vincent von Toast

unadoptables_character designs_marm-vincfinal2.png

Vincent von Toast is a bit on the elderly side. At age 13, not much surprises him, or gets him excited, or anxious. He is a little anal retentive, though, and gets grumpy when the cat toys are scattered about the cafe instead of collected neatly in the toy basket. Napping takes up most of his day and he manages to tolerate the other cats.

Until recently, Vincent had resigned himself to never getting adopted, but then something unexpected happened. He bonded with a feisty and determined kitten named Marmalade. Marmalade is hell-bent on getting herself–and Vincent–out of the pokey and into a comfortable home. She’s got endless plans for how they are going to either catch themselves an owner or break out and live free in the wild.

Vincent knows that Marmalade would have a much better chance of being adopted without him, but she won’t leave his side. Still, he encourages her dreams. But Marmalade’s optimism about the bonded-pair’s future forces Vincent to keep up appearances, and even get a little hopeful from time to time.


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