Glowing Reviews:
“Wonderfully written world with complex characters and imaginative creatures that readers of all ages will enjoy!”
“Chiavetta employs a gale-force imagination in conjuring her alchemical realm… While immersed in this crowd-pleasing adventure, young readers should marvel at Chiavetta’s Alice in Wonderland vibe, and adults should appreciate the sweeping mythos.” —Kirkus Reviews
“The detailed botanical specimens and creatures of the “canny class” were very imaginative and well though out… I thought the book a worthwhile read, and I would recommend it to those looking for a fantasy story set in a different world.” —Middle Shelf Magazine
“Chiavetta avoids showing autism as either an entirely crippling illness or a special gift in and of itself. Mendel has autism and he has to learn ways of coping with the world . . . It becomes one aspect of who he is, not the sole defining quality of an inquisitive and inventive young man.” —Fangirlnation
“This book is literally amazing and perfect for basically anyone to read.” —CindyReadsALot
 “A rather dashing adventure from a new voice in the Middle Grade Fantasy arena that appears to have staying power.” —Insatiable Readers
“As each chapter progressed, there was so much action, excitement, and ‘Hmmm, I didn’t see that coming,’ going on that I could not put the book down. It came at you like a thrill ride. Margaret R. Chiavetta is an extraordinary fantasy writer… I sit here impatiently waiting for the next adventure.” —Barbara Gipson


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