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Sir Duffy's Promise (The Alchemist's Theorem, Book 1)

Alchemist HB pic

Sir Duffy’s Promise is the first book of The Alchemist’s Theorem fantasy series, and it’s for humans as young as 10 and as old as the earth itself.

This epic fantasy novel for middle grade readers has fun potion-making, faithful animal friends, and fantastical adventures. 

Mendel, an eccentric boy with an autistic nature, and the master alchemist Sir Duffy set out on a series of quests with their many weird and endearing creature companions—like Esther the snake-ish gusselsnuff, and Gooder the fat, lazy, carnivorous horse. These determined travelers must venture across the continent of Terra Copia, an exotic land where the plants and animals in one forest are completely different from the next. It is up to them to safeguard secrets and dangerous artifacts from many enemies—such as agents from the Academy of Advanced Disciplines, venomous pixies, and a mysterious pale stranger. If they fail, a terrifying curse will return to their land.

The Harry Potter audience will love the world of The Alchemist’s Theorem, and all of its magical alchemy, fantastical beasts, and epic adventure.



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