The Unadoptables: The Kickstarter is LIVE


Brooks and I have launched our Kickstarter campaign for our comic, The Unadoptables! We’re trying to overthrow the hegemony of cute cats ruling the Internet by creating a comic about the not-so-desirable cats that accumulate at shelters.

Our first issue, “Catnapped!”, focuses on a bonded pair of cats: Marmalade, an adorable Scottish Fold kitten, and a very, very old Maine Coon, Vincent von Toast. Marmalade is hell-bent on getting herself—and Vincent—out of the pokey and into a comfortable home. She’s got endless plans for how they are going to either catch themselves an owner or break out and live free in the wild. 

You can check out the first six pages on Kickstarter. The funds we raise will be used to pay the comic’s artist and colorist to finish issue #1. We also have stretch goals that will be used to have the comic translated into Spanish, Arabic, and Japanese, and to make it accessible to the blind.

Brooks and I appreciate any support in our comic endeavor, and to show our gratitude we are offering a limited first edition of the comic book to backers, as well as adorable merch like a t-shirt and cat-covered leggings with original character designs that are exclusive to the campaign.

We LOVE this project and have become very attached to our Unadoptables!

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