The Unadoptables: Kickstarter Merch

Only 5 days before we launch our Kickstarter campaign on June 6th! Brooks and I are raising funds to create the first issue of our comic series The Unadoptables. We’re offering a limited, first edition of the comic as part of the rewards. The higher pledge levels include merch like a t-shirt and cat-covered leggings with the original character designs, which will be exclusive to the campaign. And we’ve made a mug with a strip of the comic printed on it for all the cat-loving coffee drinkers out there.

We still have quite a list of things to do before we launch, but everything is coming together. Brooks has been making a ton of graphics and I’ve been keeping track of all the moving pieces. We’ll be submitting our campaign for approval this Friday once we get all the finished pages from our colorist.

One of my tasks now is to get all our unadoptable kitties tweeting on the Twitter. Yes, each cat has her or his own Twitter account. Not sure what the little beasts will do with that kind of power, but it should be a riot.

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