The Unadoptables: Inks


Here’s the inked stage of page 3 of The Unadoptables, our comic about hard-to-adopt cats living at Calico Coffee. We are finalizing the colors and will have the finished page next week sometime. The artist, Beth Morrell, has created some great humor with physical details like the cone getting warped as Babalu tries to get through the cat door.

Brooks has written a great script, and seeing the humor come to life through Beth’s details is exciting to watch. We’re going to have the first 6 pages of issue 1 “Catnapped!” ready when we launch our Kickstarter this June 6th. Less than 2 weeks to go!

Follow The Unadoptables on Twitter & Facebook if you want to keep an eye out for when we go live: @UnadoptableCats

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