The Unadoptables: Cat the Ripper

unadoptables_character designs_ripperfinal2.png

Cat the Ripper is a 3-year-old, domestic-short-hair calico. She’s a lioness trapped in a house cat’s body. Ripper has an insatiable need to hunt things like bugs, hats, toes, earrings, and anything else that moves. She does not play; she goes for the kill. When she’s not hunting, she takes her aggression out on the furniture and rugs.

Ripper would love to be a farm cat with barns full of mice that she can stalk, pounce on, and rend and tear like nature intended. Humans are slow, dull creatures to her, and they get ridiculously upset over a few scratches and a little blood.

Obviously, Ripper takes after our cat Ripley. We have way less scratches than the first few months we had her, but we aren’t scratch free. And Brooks still gets a fair amount since he still tries to cuddle her like she’s a rag doll instead of a meat grinder.

Our Kickstarter campaign launches in two weeks (June 6th)!

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