The Unadoptables: Jasmine

unadoptables_character designs_jasminefinal.png

Jasmine (Yasmeen), age 19, has just started working as a barista at Calico Coffee. Hank hired her right away after she gushed for twenty minutes straight about how much she loves cats. She wishes she could take all the unadoptable cats home with her, but her dorm room is too small and it doesn’t allow pets.

Jasmine has a strong need for every cat to love her back, making her relationship with the cafe’s resident calico, Ripper (pictured above), a bit one sided. Despite a number of scratches, Jasmine keeps trying to affectionately nuzzle Ripper (just like Brooks!).

Jelly, the resident gross cat, usually has a hard time finding people to pet him, but now with Jasmine being a sure thing, he gets lots of cuddles. Jasmine is pretty good about keeping extra clean aprons around as well as plenty of hand sanitizer.

Jasmine is hiding something, though. You’ll find out exactly what she’s hiding in the first issue of The Unadoptables.



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