The Unadoptables: Jelly

unadoptables_character designs_jellyfinal2.png

This is Jelly, one of our cats in our upcoming webcomic The Unadoptables! He has trouble getting adopted because he’s gross. We’ve sort of piled on the grossness when creating this cat, collecting attributes from multiple cats we’ve known/encountered over the years. He’s a sneezer and a drooler and doesn’t keep up with self-grooming so his back fur is always a little greasy and smelly. Jelly also likes to nap in the litter box so his paws and legs are always full of litter.

My sister’s cat Gus Gus (below) is a drooler. He loves to cuddle and will knead your chest, which is adorable until sticky drops of saliva start to drip onto your clothes and skin. My brother lived with a cat for a while named Gorilla. Gorilla didn’t groom much due to an arthritic back, so petting her was unpleasant. Brooks had a kitten years ago named Mekon, who would often sneeze into his tea. And all of us cat people have seen a cat lay down in a litter box and then later leave a trail of litter all over the house. Amirite?


Jelly’s personality is still coming together, but I sense a little bit of a Danny DeVito in him. We know that he loves to take little things (like keys, money, tampons etc.) from workers and customers and drop them in the food and water dishes or the litter boxes. He also has a fetish for chewing human hair (I had a cat named Mary who shared this attribute). As you can see from the top of this post, we know what he looks like thanks to our talented artist, Beth Morrell.

Jelly is adorably gross and endearingly unadoptable. Keep an eye out for his pending Twitter account! We are now aiming to run a Kickstarter this June 2017 where we will debut the first several pages of our webcomic The Unadoptables!


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