From Rejection to Request


During graduate school at the University of Washington Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing program, I mentally prepared myself to stoically handle the many inevitable rejections I’d face as a writer, accepting it as a normal part of building my career. What I didn’t prepare myself for was the intense impatience I had for getting to the end of the process.

Around the time I was graduating from the program, I vented via email to one of my professors, expressing my borderline panic over having to wait for career success. I don’t remember what her reply was, but I do remember something she said to me during the first quarter of the program: Back when she was getting started as a writer, she was rejected in the usual way by many publications, but when she eventually became an accomplished writer, those same publications began requesting her work.

After the initial panic subsided, I focused on getting a job and submitting the few nonfiction pieces I had graduated with and continuing to get rejected. I submitted one to a U.K. publication called They are a great online publication and cover stuff like alternative lifestyles, feminism, self-care, and even witchcraft. The editor rejected the piece, but only because the content wouldn’t be able to get past school filters. I relished positive rejections like that, and always kept moving.

I eventually filed away those publications and focused on my craft, turning towards my love of writing genre fiction. I also decided to be my own publisher, and stopped submitting my work. That was two years ago, and I have achieved a good deal of success with my novel The Alchemist’s Theorem. I kept my head down and threw myself into my work. The impatience never left, but it waned.

There I was, working on my publishing business, not paying attention, and two 2+ years later I get an email from the editor at She informed me that things had changed and the site would love to publish my essay, and after looking over my website and the work I’ve been doing, asked if I had anymore work to submit. My essay on my experience with an open relationship was published as well as an essay I wrote about the election (which is where the above picture comes from). is a great publication, and I am proud to have my work appear on their site. I’m also proud of all the hard work I’ve put into my independent writing career. I still have more goals to achieve, but I am well on my way.


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