Mendel’s Inheritance Art!


Poohpuu, the artist who did the illustrations for Sir Duffy’s Promise, fell off the face of the earth. So I had to find a new artist for Mendel’s Inheritance. Luckily, I found Louise Kay Uy. She is an excellent artist and easy to work with. I am thrilled with her rendition of Gooder!

Above is a sketch up she did of the first illustration. She’s done the final inking of the sketch and right now she is in the coloring stage, but I won’t show you the end result until I get closer to the publishing date. This scene is from the first chapter of Mendel’s Inheritance. You can read it in the excerpt I released last August.

This is the first illustration to show Butter the cat! And it includes a new character, Bella the blossom fox. I’m hoping that for the second book I can afford more illustrations. The first book had 5; I’d like to have at least 8 for the second book.

I’ve put down 2500 words recently, so I have less than 30,000 words left until I finish the first draft of Mendel’s Inheritance. I’m about to head out and do some more writing. I’m so close to the end but yet my characters still have a ways to go in their journey.


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