The Unadoptables: Cat Sketches


We’ve received sketches from the artist who is doing our webcomic, The Unadoptables. Beth Morrell is super talented and we are already loving her work, even just the preliminary sketches. The above picture doesn’t have any specific character yet, she’s just practicing, but the drawings have us super excited.

Our cat characters are getting more and more real to us. I know some of them better than Brooks and he knows others better than me. I know Jelly very well, and he’s actually based on my sister’s cat Gus Gus. I lived with Gus for a couple of years and he is a big drooler. He loves to cuddle, but he can’t help dripping saliva all over you as he kneads your chest. Plus, his saliva has a gross, sticky texture.

Brooks knows the kitten, Marmalade really well. She’s a spunky Scottish fold who is pair bonded with an elderly cat named Vincent Von Toast. Back when Brooks and I were looking to adopt, we encountered a lot of great cats who were pair bonded with not-so-adoptable cats. We figured this is a strategy shelters use to help get more cats adopted, which worked on us.

The individual sketches of the characters are being worked on now. So maybe next week I’ll be able to give you a sneak peek at one of our unadoptables.



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