Mendel’s Inheritance: the Rough Draft


I’m about 30,000 words away from finishing the rough draft of The Alchemist’s Theorem: Mendel’s Inheritance. I had taken such a long break from working on it that I couldn’t remember the 60,000 words I had already written. So I’ve been rereading it, and what had looked like a mess in my mind is actually pretty damn good. At least that’s how I feel about it now, who knows when the writing dysmorphia will kick in.

I love Mendel, I love the creatures, I love the world, and I am thoroughly engaged by the adventure. I can’t wait to tell you about some of the new creatures! I found a great artist in California to do the illustrations. We are working on the contract first, but hopefully I’ll have some sketches to release as a sneak peek in the next month.

I’m aiming for August/September to run a campaign to publish the second book in October/November 2017, which means I need to move my behind. I’ll try to find excerpts to share with you that won’t give anything away. Until then, know that Mendel and Sir Duffy are on quite a crazy adventure right now!


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