The Margaret & Brooks Co-op

Allimay1-01.png   unnamed.png

Brooks and I have started a sorta writing coop. We are each working on a series of novellas that share a few themes. They are humorous-urban-fantasy stories featuring protagonists who don’t like magic and prefer a life of care-free frivolity. Mine takes place in 1920’s Chicago while Brooks’ story exists in 1930’s New York. I have one 20,000-word story written and Brooks has two 10-15,000-word stories done. We will be publishing them digitally sometime soon, probably in early February. I plan on doing two more at a similar length by the end of the year. Brooks has started his third story and aims for three more by the close of 2017.

The Goodlett Academy

In my version of 1920’s Chicago, there is a prohibition on Magic and Alcohol. Allimay Goodlett, the main protagonist, is indifferent to magic since it can only be performed in the service of others (she has a rather selfish nature), but gin-soaked parties are the food of life according to her sensibilities. Beatha Kilduff, a Celtic witch (and Allimay’s counterpart), is a master of the strange wisp and devoted to helping her local communities. These two magicians of The Goodlett Academy have to work their way around the Volstead Act in order to provide both Magic & Alcohol to those in need of supernatural help and social gaiety.

Obviously these stories aren’t meant for the younger audience members of my Alchemist’s Theorem series.

The Mable Brightwing Stories

Think P.G. Wodehouse (Jeeves and Wooster) plus magic. Mable is a young and very capable magician who gets stuck with a not-so-competent mentor. Her magician, Merl, belongs to a well-known magical family, but to him, magic is only good for finding lost house keys and mending fine suits. The pair of them have adventures involving clumsy burglars, packs of dogs, and eccentric relatives.

We are thrilled to put these two series out into the world! I will keep you updated on their publication date.

Our covers were done by Dane Ault.




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