Happy Belated One-year Anniversary!


So the one-year anniversary for my Kickstarter and the publication of The Alchemist’s Theorem: Sir Duffy’s Promise was last September/November 2016. However, it took me a year and some change to spend all of the campaign funds on the publishing and promotion of the book. Just this month I finally spent the last penny. I figured now is the best time to see where all of my hard work and the continuous support of my amazing community has gotten me.

What exactly did the funds from the campaign cover? Well, about $400 went to art/illustrations as well as the printing of said work on promotional posters and cards. Close to $900 went toward reviews and advertising (with the exception of the Kirkus review, paid reviews and online advertising are useless, but I know better for next time), while about $500 was spent on booths at Pridefest and GeekGirlCon 2016. And then Thomson-Shore received a whopping $4400 in printing, shipping, distribution, and administration fees.

What effect did all of this have on the book? Because Thomson-Shore printed great quality trade paperbacks and listed them with their distribution accounts, my book was easily accessible to bookstores, libraries, and Amazon Prime. When I added this advantage to my glowing Kirkus review, I was able to get my foot in the door and achieve many great successes, such as: getting my book in the King County, Seattle Public, and Buffalo & Erie County library systems as well as a number of middle school libraries; having my book listed as special order for countless indie bookstores, including Indiebound’s website; getting interviewed by ParentMap and receiving a stellar review from MuggleNet.com; selling lots of copies at Pridefest & GeekGirlCon 2016; and scoring a spot at a reading event with Cat Rambo at the University Bookstore in the U-district (January 11th @ 7pm).

I’ve sold hundreds of copies, received numerous positive reviews from readers on Goodreads and Amazon, and I’ve grown, and continue to grow, my audience a great deal. I have all kinds of fans! And hearing from them makes my heart swell. I have about 30,000 words left to write for the first draft of the next book, Mendel’s Inheritance. Here is a link to an excerpt of the first chapter if you want a sneak peek! I’m aiming for a Kickstarter campaign in August and publication in October/November 2017. I will keep you all updated as I get closer to setting dates.

I am endlessly grateful to everyone who’s supported me! I love getting up in the morning and going to work for you 🙂


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