GeekGirlCon2016, ParentMap, and Beyond!


Hey everyone! I realize you haven’t seen a picture of my cat in a while so here you go. As Brooks says, “Small boxes add five pounds.” I love my beautiful, chubby kitty. And I’m going to miss her since I will be traveling for the next three weeks. You won’t see any posts from me during this time, but come November you’ll hear plenty from me.

November 6th is the one year anniversary for the publication of The Alchemist’s Theorem: Sir Duffy’s Promise! I’m going to post a sort of “year in the life” of the book and let everyone know what those Kickstarter funds did for me, Mendel, and Sir Duffy. I’ll also let you all know how the schedule is looking and what lies ahead.

Before I leave town, I will be at GeekGirlCon this weekend selling and signing copies of my book. I’ll be giving away a free potion bottle and print of the Terra Copia map with hardback purchases, and a print of the map will come with paperbacks (while supplies last).

Last but not least, ParentMap did an interview with me and they made me sound so smart! Since they posted it, Amazon has sold out of copies, but my printer guy is letting them know they need to buy more. Until they get a new shipment, physical copies can be purchased from the Seattle Book Company and ordered through Barnes & Noble as well as most local bookstores. Amazon has ebooks ready to go. Paperbacks can be checked out at both the Seattle Public and King County libraries.

Talk to you all soon!


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