Just Getting Started


So much excitement! Over the weekend, I sent out an excerpt from the next Alchemist’s Theorem book, Mendel’s Inheritance, to my Kickstarter backers (twice since I screwed up the link the first time). I’ll be posting that same excerpt here in a week or two. I have about 3 long chapters left to write before I finish the first draft (I say long because I will be breaking all the chapters up afterward so they are shorter and easier to read). And there is lots more to be excited about besides the next book!

This past week, Brooks and I laid out some lofty plans for next year. I can’t announce anything yet. Sorry. But I will say that next year, in addition to the next Alchemist’s Theorem book, we will have two other publication projects. We are so excited about them that we are having trouble sleeping (our cat Ripley is also contributing to our sleep deprivation, she is biting me in the above picture and whilst I write this post).

So keep an eye out for updates, announcements, and progress as the months pass. And make sure you get enough sleep.


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