Book 2 of The Alchemist’s Theorem!


Hey everyone! I’ve been typing away at the next Alchemist’s Theorem book instead of posting about my cat. I’m aiming to publish the second book in the early summer of 2017 so I’m working hard to meet that goal. I am currently well over halfway through the first draft. Today, I am making two announcements! The first, as you can see above, is the title of the second book: The Alchemist’s Theorem: Mendel’s Inheritance.

The second announcement is that I will be releasing an excerpt of the first chapter of Mendel’s Inheritance to my Kickstarter backers next week! Two weeks following that release I will publish the excerpt here on my blog (you get to meet a new character!). Brooks just did an editing pass on it, which means I have some work to do before it’s ready. I’m happy to report that he did a lot of smiling and laughing whilst reading it.

I plan on doing another Kickstarter campaign to help publish and promote the next book; I will keep you updated as we get closer. I’m currently cooking up project ideas to keep you all entertained in the mean time. Be on the look out for videos in the near future!

I’m so excited for the next book that it is taking all my will power to not tell you everything right now!



3 thoughts on “Book 2 of The Alchemist’s Theorem!

  1. I just finished book 1 and headed here to see if book 2 was in the works. So happy and excited to see it’s on its way!


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