Leaving Portland for My Cat


Mista Brooks and I spent the week in Portland, OR. We love it here! Portland does gluten-free food so well. Back to Eden is our favorite bakery. Their bagels taste just like real bagels. I ate one every day. Next door is the Townshend tea shop where we did a bunch of writing for our projects (pictured above). I’m at 33,000 words for the next Alchemist’s Theorem book! Brooks and I spent the majority of the vacation eating great food, working on creative projects, and watching movies/TV (the new Huntsman, Goonies, and Bob’s Burgers). It’s been an awesome trip.


Despite the great city and productive getaway, we miss our cat Ripley. We had to stop ourselves from constantly pestering the cat sitters to send pictures and updates. Ripley is a brave, independent cat, but she also lives for attention. We haven’t left her alone before so we are slightly worried that she will punish us for it. We’ll see. Brooks and I will be catching the train home soon. I’m excited to see my baby!


We made one side trip to Eugene to see an EC Comics exhibition. It’s a great exhibit with a rich history and incredible art. Though I have never read the comics, I learned how the ripple effect has touched a lot of the media I grew up consuming. I highly recommend it to anyone in the Northwest area. It’s worth the trip!



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