Getting A Book into the King County Library


So, the King County Library System, the third largest library system in the nation, bought 7 copies of my book, The Alchemist’s Theorem! A friend of mine  asked a friend of hers who works at KCL how I could go about pitching my self-published book. Her friend let me know how to submit my book for consideration and she gave me a couple of tips.

The KCLS really cares about local authors. So being a Seattle author and a graduate of UW Bothell’s MFA program is something she told me to emphasize. Another very important thing she said is to provide published reviews of the book from reputable sources.

KCLS states that “A positive review in one or more of the library review journals will greatly increase the chance of your book being purchased by KCLS.” They give a list of reputable resource: Library Journal, School Library Journal (for children’s books), Kirkus, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, The Seattle Times. So my glowing Kirkus review definitely helped out my submission.

They say don’t drop in to promote your book in person, use their system for pitching instead. The librarians who review submissions “have only a short amount of time to look at the information, so emphasize the essentials.”  KCLS asks that submissions include a “brief and pithy” description about the book; the intended audience; a list of any qualifications; bibliographic info such as date of publication, price, ISBN, etc; and how to buy the book, libraries prefer to buy from wholesale vendors, such as Baker & Taylor or Ingram.

So, I am a local author and a graduate of UW Bothell, I have a great review from Kirkus, and my book is available for purchase through Ingram. These three things got me into the King County Library System, as well as the Seattle Public Library System. And I’m very thankful for it!







2 thoughts on “Getting A Book into the King County Library

  1. You tenacity continually impresses me, Margaret! You leave no stone unturned. Thanks for sharing these valuable strategies will your fellow writers.


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