Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds


Brooks’ exhibit, Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds opened this past weekend and it was a big hit, of course. The landing party was a blast, I got to meet Brent Spiner, the dude who played Data in Next Gen. Our niece met him too and giggled madly as he walked away. We had an awesome weekend seeing the exhibit and celebrating with family and friends.


I wore a skirt and a bra for the first time in years, along with high-heeled boots that I had no business wearing. Brooks’ sister made fun of me as I shuffled around inelegantly. The best part of my wardrobe is the tank covered in TOS characters as cats. I met a CBS guy who said they are working with the same artist on a cool project.


The two Khan costumes are just some of the many costumes on display. On Sunday we watched a screening of The Wrath of Khan. Brooks had the entire audience yell “Khhhaaann” the same time Shatner did. It was epic.


There was a lot of media coverage of the exhibit, giving Brooks much deserved praise. My favorite article is by GeekDad: “Curator Brooks Peck has once again put together an incredible exhibit. He wanted to highlight the influence of Star Trek on the world while also spotlighting its often bleeding-edge diversity, and the exhibit meets and exceeds both of those goals while also just showcasing a ton of cool stuff.” I’m so proud to know my honey! He worked so hard on this amazing exhibit.


If you are in Seattle in the next 9 months, be sure to check out this incredistellar exhibit. Brooks says, “In the exhibit itself, we’re looking at the history of the phenomenon, certainly. But it’s a living history, and it definitely points ahead. ‘Star Trek’ is our mythology of the day. And I think as long as ‘Star Trek’ is inspiring people to think about what our lives should be like in the future, there will be ‘Star Trek’ as a way to explore those ideas.”





4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds

  1. That sounds awesome! And it’s so cool that you met data. He’s one of my favorites. I always like the outsider non human characters. Spock, data, Worf, the doctor hologram In voyager. But Odo from ds9 is my all time favorite


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