Overseas Publishing


So in my self-publishing model, I’m not just using digital platforms, I’m also doing my own offset printing and distribution. I’ve invested a good deal of time, effort, and money in promoting my book. To my delight, the book hasn’t come and gone like so many others. It is steadily growing an audience, snowballing rather than melting into oblivion. Self-publishing my book domestically in the U.S. is a task I am definitely up for, however, publishing it internationally is not something I have the wherewithal to do.

I figured I’d eventually look for an overseas agent and publisher, but I never picked a specific time in the process. Over the weekend I decided, why wait? Everything is ready to go. Putting together a pitch/query letter and sample chapters would take no time at all. The book is finished and polished, it has received glowing reviews from important sources, and I’ve gotten really good at talking about it concisely in emails (the only hitch was that Brooks and I password protected the PDF and it took many tries to figure it out, but we eventually guessed right).

On Sunday, I did some searching, found five U.K. agents to query, sent off my letter and sample chapters, and now all I have to do is wait a few weeks and see who bites. It’s all very exciting.


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