The Sister Thread

My three sisters and I have an active Messenger thread going. We chat pretty much every day throughout the day. The four of us are in three different time zones on two continents. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning the three of them have been gabbing away for hours. It’s pretty common for me to have to read 50-100 messages in order to catch up. But I read every single one because not only is it entertaining, I don’t want to miss a thing. I even read Beth and Kathleen’s comments about The Walking Dead, a show I don’t watch (apparently Carol is awful).

Anyways, I have provided a couple of screenshots for your entertainment that show how mundane, ridiculous, and random our conversations are.

IMG_1681.PNG      IMG_1687.PNG

IMG_1690.PNG      IMG_1689.PNG

I get irritated when I see memes about people glued to their phones as though they are disconnected from humanity. All I do when I’m glued to my phone is connect with people I care about. My conversations with my sisters might be about silly random stuff, but they provide me with so much enrichment. I wish my sisters lived nearby. I’d see them every day. But this thread let’s me at least talk to them every day.


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