#Hashtags/Keywords: Why Book Descriptions Tend to Suck


These days, when I read book descriptions I roll my eyes. Why? Because many of them sound incredibly generic, as though they are describing any number of books. I wonder how many #goodstories I’ve passed on because the description convinced me that they were trite. When I stumbled across an answer, I wasn’t trying to figure out why they were so bad, I was only trying to write a good description for #TheAlchemistsTheorem.

#Hashtags and #keywords are an important part of the Internet. They help everyone find what their looking for. That’s especially important when people #are looking for the kind of content you provide. I’ve been slowly getting better at #tagging. I can tell because I see more #blogpostvisitors arriving to my site via #searchengines. I used to #rollmyeyes at #hashtag stuff too, but now I see the #effectiveness. However, the necessity of using #keywords to help people find your #stuff has its #negativesideeffects.

#Potentialreaders aren’t picking up #books in stores anymore to read the descriptions on the back, they are searching for their #nextread on the Internet. They use keywords that reflect their current interest and #mood. So what kind of search terms do readers type into #theGoogle? Stuff like “coming of age,” “epic adventure,” “female protagonist,” etc.

I was talking with someone at #Amazonpublishing, and I asked him for advice on #promotingmybook. He told me how important #keywords are and that I should make sure my book description uses as many #popularkeywords as possible. When he gave me a quick list of terms I could hear all of those generic book descriptions. I felt like knocking myself in the forehead and saying, “#duh.”

I compromised. I did include a number of #popularkeywords in my book’s description, but I also included my #quirkyflare. And, instead of waiting for keywords and #theGoogle to bring #readers to my book, I’m pounding the #virtualpavement and working hard to bring my book to readers. I’ll have to wait and see how it all #shakesout.



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