I’m Not Sorry for All the Cat Pictures


I’ve got more good news coming about my book, but I’m not ready to post about it yet, and I can’t think of anything else to write about that doesn’t require research. So today is cat post day.

My Instagram is pretty much just for cat pictures now. My phone is out of space because of all the pictures I have of Ripley. Every time I go to snap another one I stop and ask myself, “Do you really need another picture of her?” and before I can answer, the picture is taken. I’ve been feeling a little self-conscious about it, but there’s no reason to apologize since I’m not going to stop.

Ripley may look sweet and cuddly in those pictures (because she is when she’s sleepy), but Brooks and I are still working to get her to bite and scratch less. She’s been a lot better about letting us sleep, and no longer wakes us up at 5:30 a.m. (I’d like to thank spray bottles). And she definitely tries hard to not bite or scratch us, but sometimes the impulse takes hold and we get new wounds.

Despite drawing blood every other day, she’s a great cat, full of personality and super athletic. One day I’ll get video of her crazy jumps, and some good pictures of her muscles. The craziness is countered by her soft, adorable, cuddly nature when she sleeps. At night sometimes she’ll flop down in the crook of my arm and nuzzle my side. It’s lovely.


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