My Self-publishing Model: Sisters


I have the best sisters. Martha, Elizabeth, and Kathleen are super supportive. They have each done stuff on their own initiative to help me get The Alchemist’s Theorem out into the world.

Martha, my twin/wombmate, donated her hardback copy to her local library. It’s currently checked out! Libraries are an important market to get my book into. She said she kissed the book before she handed it over. Isn’t she lovely?

My sister Elizabeth has been plugging my book in her internet communities whenever she gets a chance. She was recently on a podcast as a guest fan. She made sure to get in a blurb about The Alchemist’s Theorem right at the end. Elizabeth was great on the show and I highly recommend giving the episode a listen.

Kathleen has been peddling copies of my book through the family business, Chiavetta’s Catering. She sold the first batch over the past few months. One woman came in for lunch, bought a paperback, and then came back days later and said she loved it! Kathleen just ordered another batch to sell.

There are many other people who are helping to get my book out there, but I’ll get to them in another post. For now I want to thank my awesome, ambitious, talented, alpha-female sisters for their love, support, and pimping services.



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