When Cats Creep Us Out


When Brooks and I got our cats we started a thread with my sisters and niece called “Cat Picture Wars.” We all compete for the title “persons with the cutest cats.” My sister Kathleen has three kittens with eyes that have either been photoshopped or genetically engineered, which gives her an unfair advantage. Recently, the pictures we’ve been posting to the thread include our kitties during moments of temporary demonic possession.

The above picture is my sister Martha’s cat Gus Gus (pic credit goes to my niece Madi).


This is a picture of my niece Gracie. Her three cats are obviously trying to convert her into cat woman, or they think she is a piece of furniture.

IMG_1496.JPG  IMG_1497.JPG

The picture to the left is one of Kathleen’s kittens looking demonic (you must zoom in on the face). I actually thought the cat was a statue connected to the pumpkin. On the right is our Ripley possessed by the same demon.

Sleep with one eye open cat owners.


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