Spring Means Deadlines Loom


Oh my gosh! Spring is here. Thank goodness. Since I’m originally from Buffalo, NY, spring has always been a serious reprieve from seriously bad, long, winter weather. I’ve got pep in my step. I’m feeling good. I’m also keenly aware of the looming deadlines I’ve set for myself and the next book of The Alchemist’s Theorem.

I want to have the first draft done by July of this year. And I also want to aim for publication in the spring of next year. I am supposed to have chapter 3 done already, but I missed that deadline. The good news is that I always build plenty of buffer time into the schedule, so I’m still on track. However, I do need to finish the third chapter this weekend.

In total, I’m at about 21,500 words, which is exciting, but I still have a long way to go. I’m sure as hell enjoying the adventure Sir Duffy and Mendel are on right now, though. It pains me not to be able to tell you everything, but I already ruined part of the story for Brooks by telling him something he didn’t want to know. So I’m not telling you nothing!



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