Why So Many Amazon Sellers are Selling my Book


After I did my Goodreads giveaway, and saw that 9 of the 10 copies I gave away ended up being resold on Amazon, I was quite put out. So the other day, when I saw that there are now 31 sellers on Amazon offering copies of my book, I was quite alarmed. I asked my sales guy Jerry at Thomson-Shore what the deal was, and as always he gave me great info that I think is useful to other self-published authors.

“Now that Ingram is ordering the book, any retailer or reseller can purchase copies. There are a number of sellers on Amazon that I think of as “poachers.” They don’t necessarily have standing inventory, but they can get it from Ingram as needed. So they wait for orders on Amazon, then buy a copy from Ingram and fulfill to their Amazon buyers. Fortunately, they do not get a lot of attention. Most Amazon activity will be through the Prime Eligible listing. Also, even when those poachers make a sale, the supply line still begins with us, so it does encourage sales that you benefit from. In this case, it’s a sale to Ingram.

There are a handful of used book options for your title too, including Amazon’s own Warehouse Deals listing. That means some people have sold their copies back to Amazon, and Amazon is reselling them as used books. Similarly, individuals can sell their books themselves or to other used book vendors that then sell on Amazon. This is an inevitability once an item is in circulation for a while, and unfortunately, you don’t get anything for resold books. Again though, most online shoppers go for the Prime Eligible new book option which you do get paid for. As an example, the first Harry Potter book has over 1,200 buying options for a used paperback, but the best-selling I guarantee is the option for a new copy that comes via free two-day shipping.”

So there you have it. The above picture is a copy of my book in my sister’s local library that she donated!


One thought on “Why So Many Amazon Sellers are Selling my Book

  1. I’m Jerry at Thomson-Shore, and I support this message. Thanks for the shout out, Margaret. Online retail is an ever-expanding market with countless avenues for sales and resales. The bottom line is that as long as there are sales of any kind, it means readers are interested, and that’s always a good thing.


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