Vermont is Full of Charming Book Shops


I’ve emailed over 100 independent book shops this past week, letting them know about The Alchemist’s Theorem. I use Indie Bound and search by state or city. It’s a great way to get to know the landscape of independent book stores, which seem to be all about reading curation and community. Vermont caught my attention with its many lovely shops and their charming names.

I squealed with delight (ask Brooks, he heard me) at every name on the Indie Bound list for Vermont. Ebenezer Books, Bear Pond Books, The Galaxy Bookshop, Northshire Bookstore, just to name a few. Each one has a warm and cozy store front as well. What’s more, many of them mention on their hours of operation page that they sometimes close during bad snow storms. There’s definitely a whole lot of New England charm in Vermont’s independent book store culture.

My favorite name though is Star Cat Books (pictured above). What is a star cat? And how do I get one? I would absolutely love to take a trip through Vermont and visit all of these lovely book shops and their communities. I’m gonna go ahead and put that on my bucket list.


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