My Inner Alchemist #6: Cat Food


I don’t make my cat food out of cats like the above picture might imply, but I do make my own wet food for my little kitties. I throw a bunch of chicken thighs and a second meat (chunks of lamb or chicken liver) into the above pot (minus the cat) with a peeled and chopped potato, a carrot, and two handfuls of peas.

I cook it all in water for a couple of hours. After it cools I remove any bones and then I use an immersion blender to mix it down into that canned cat food look. I freeze some of it and stick the rest in the fridge. The cats love it.

I do this for the following reasons: 1) It saves money. It costs me about $15 to feed my two cats wet food twice a day for two weeks. 2) It’s better for the environment since it cuts back on cans and packaging garbage. And 3) it’s healthy. There’s no added crap and it’s got plenty of fat and nutrients. They also get healthy dry food from our local hippie pet store.

Brooks and I have both had cats in the past with expensive health problems. This time around we want healthy happy cats that will live forever.



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