Terra Copia

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.26.35 AM.png

The artist has finished the map of Terra Copia! This is just a hint of it. Brooks and I have to do some work on the files this weekend and get them ready to send out to Kickstarter backers. It looks damn fantastical. The artist is Italian, and her artist’s username is Renflowergrapx. She did a great job and she did it fast. I am impressed for sure.

I’ll be sharing the map with only backers at first, but in another week or two I will post the image here and on social media. This map will be included in book 2 of The Alchemist’s Theorem series as well as the second edition of the first book. I’m not sure when either will be published, but I will keep you updated.

Looking at this map brings back my adolescent sense of adventure. I want to arrive on the southern coast and make my way across the entire fantasy land, having epic adventures along the way. I get to do this in my imagination, but once inter-dimensional travel is invented I will be the first in line to crossover to Terra Copia.


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