Cat Videos


This weekend, Brooks and I attempted to make an Alchemist’s Theorem promotional video starring our cats. We ended up with a series of cat bloopers. Here’s a quick one of Newt. We’re gonna give it another go this week since we learned a few important things:

  1. Healthy cat treats from the store are not a good motivator, but turkey lunch meat is.
  2. Brooks is better off on camera duty whilst I am better off wrangling cats.
  3. Don’t put a reflective surface directly behind the subjects being filmed because it will reflect your image and ruin the video.

We should have better luck on our next attempt. I’m still not sure how to script it yet, or how to make it funny (humor on purpose is hard to do), but I’ve got some ideas. Whether or not the videos turn out, making them is a lot of fun.


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