Gah! The Waiting!


[Update 2/28/2019-The review is up and it’s AMAZING!]

So Mugglenet’s review of my book will get posted any day now, but I don’t know when exactly, so the anticipation is making me a little restless. I’m not sure what to expect as far as book sales go.

So far, blog reviews haven’t generated many sales for The Alchemist’s Theorem (though I still believe they are valuable for other reasons). However, it’s Mugglenet, the number one Harry Potter fansite. I can’t imagine what their traffic is, but I bet it’s a huge number. Plus, their visitors are my audience.

Regardless of whether or not the review directly affects sales, it will produce valuable quotes I can use to promote the book. So I’m still plenty excited to see it. I will post the link as soon as it is live!

This Monday, I will be posting about marketing successes and fails that I’ve experienced. It’s good information to have out their for other writers. I’m always Googling for info on different methods and I always appreciate finding posts from other authors who have tried stuff out.

Brooks and I are going on a mini writing retreat this weekend, and staying at a new McMenamins. We are both looking forward to the get away for some productive writing. So have a great weekend everyone!


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