Up all Night with the Baby

[——p/’; One of my new cats wrote that.


Brooks and I found our cats! We’ve been struggling for weeks to find the right one. I had wanted a large, young-adult male. I was adamantly against three things: no females, no kittens, and no more than one cat. So of course we got two cats, one of which is a kitten and the other a female. Both of them are small, and both are sweet, cuddly, and adorable. Above is Lt Ripley, the brave explorer. Below is the kitten who we haven’t named yet. We are circling around LV426, and Newt.


These two are pair bonded and had to go home together. I immediately fell in love with the kitten because I could pick him up and hold him like a baby. He reminds me a lot of a cat I had as a kid. Her name was Pig Cat, and she looked just like him except her fur was grey. I hesitated to take them both though because they were exactly what I said I didn’t want. Lt Ripley was anxious at the shelter, constantly meowing and trying to escape the room (there were no aliens). I was worried she was crazy. But then Tammie the volunteer said the pair had just arrived, and have gone back and forth between shelters and foster homes. Plus, Ripley had a bad reaction to the flea medication. She was stressed. I hung out for a while and she started to calm down. I could see that once she gets comfortable her great personality comes through.

I pestered Brooks to get out of work early so he could come meet them; the good ones go fast and I didn’t want to lose them. When he arrived, it didn’t take any convincing from me. He was totally onboard. After a few cuddles and some playing we decided to adopt them. Adopting and bringing these cats home was stressful. I’m not sure why. I grew up with cats and had a couple of my own, but I think the cats were always someone else’s responsibility. Either my parents, or my sister, who took in one of my cats while I was moving around too much. But deciding to be one half responsible for these two lives, and investing financially, emotionally, and materially in them, freaked me out. I can’t imagine what it must be like deciding to have human children.

When we got home, both of the cats were super brave, and explored the apartment. They got comfortable pretty fast, and played a lot. I was relieved to see them both use the litter box. And because they were still stressed from everything, they wanted lots of cuddles. When we finally went to bed, both cats lay down by our feet and passed out. Poor Ripley woke up meowing a few times and had to be petted until she fell back asleep. I think she’s a bit traumatized from all of the moving around (and facehuggers). In the middle of the night she wasn’t tired anymore and wanted to hang out in the living room/kitchen area, but she also didn’t want to be alone, so she meowed. I ended up laying on the couch to keep her company. I also came down with a nasty cold yesterday, so I did not sleep much last night, and I will be napping later.

We love our cats. They totally belong here, and most of my anxiety has gone away. Expect lots of pictures and gushing.


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