Word Count


Yesterday I hit 10,000 words for the second book of The Alchemist’s Theorem series! Brooks gave me $20 and requested that I buy him something he wanted (I can’t remember what), but I went and bought myself a chai latte instead, and did some writing. I invented a wonderfully bizarre creature (I’m not telling you anything else about it).

I was supposed to hit 10,000 words by December 31st, but spending the holidays at home with my family was too much fun so I didn’t get any writing done. If I want to stay on schedule, I have to hit 20,000 words a little over a week from now. I’m going to try, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t quite make it.

I’d like to have the first draft done by the end of May 2016. My awesome brother-in-law, Adam, has offered to look at the draft again and give me his valuable feedback. It’s because of him that Butter and Gooder are solid supporting characters. If I don’t manage to hit my goal I will still be that much closer to it because I set it in the first place.

Hopefully Brooks and I will get another one of our gluten-free writing sessions in this weekend. I always manage to get a lot of writing done whenever we do.


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