Cat Fever


Brooks and I have wanted a cat ever since we moved in together over a year ago. We couldn’t have cats in our last apartment, and when we moved into our new, cat-friendly place the holidays were upon us. Now that we are ready, we are on the fast track to getting our kitty (there was a somewhat tense discussion about whether or not we would call him our kitty or my kitty).

The first place we went to was Seattle’s new cat cafe, Meowtropolitan. It’s a pretty cool, kinda weird place. There is a small room where the humans can get drinks, and everyone waits there like it’s a sideshow. Then we get the go ahead and we pile into a huge room decked out in cat furniture and coffee tables. We had a late reservation so a lot of the cats were either hiding in the hideaway room or sleeping in boxes like the above tabby. There was one mean cat that we enjoyed watching people try to pet. People were weirdly quiet as well as desperate for attention from the cats. It turned out that those cats weren’t currently adoptable.

Yesterday we were determined to get a cat and drove out to Kirkland because their prices are cheaper. We went to the local Petco, but they only had four cats, two of which were females with urinary tract issues. The one male I thought I would like turned out to be a douchebag. We still had the Zipcar for two hours so we decided to head to another nearby shelter.

There was a cool 7 year old super cuddly female that Brooks loved, but she was bonded with a 12 year old obese cat that you had to adopt too. I fell for this awesome 3 year old male with a huge head, but he had to be adopted with a 6 month old kitten. We were definitely conflicted at first, and I considered throwing a tantrum so Brooks would let me take home two cats, but we had to wait approval and the shelter was closing, so we decided to sleep on it. In the morning I looked around and saw all the charger cords we have, plus my Xbox, and decided I didn’t want a kitten in the apartment.

We are very determined to get our kitty, though. So you can expect an unusual amount of cat pictures and blogposts in the near future.


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