Reviews by & Middle Shelf Magazine


Middle Shelf Magazine published a lovely review of my book. The best quote from the review follows:

The detailed botanical specimens and creatures of the “canny class” were very imaginative and well though out… I thought the book a worthwhile read, and I would recommend it to those looking for a fantasy story set in a different world.” also reviewed my novel, The Alchemist’s Theorem. My favorite quote from the whole review is:

“The strongest part of Chiavetta’s work is the world building: the world of Terra Copia is an interesting and thoroughly magical landscape to read about.”

The review is the first to compare my book’s alchemy practices to that of the video game Skyrim. I was playing the game a ton when I came up with the idea for the book, so I was tickled to see someone make the comparison.

I also have an ad going up today in The Fussy Librarian. I will report on the outcome in a later post.

Happy Monday everyone!


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