My Kirkus Review Arrived Today!


I have been so busy with the book for the past two months that I hadn’t thought about my Kirkus review much, which was nice. But for the past two weeks, when I realized I’d be receiving it soon, I started to get anxious. I’ve felt relatively confident about getting a good review, but a few flutters of doubt were definitely present. Thankfully, the moment has arrived, and just as I had imagined, I received the email while at work. After I read it my face was aglow, and my coworker Chase tried to start talking to me about work, but I cut him off and read him and the other team members my very positive Kirkus review:

[Whoops! Turns out I can’t share the review until I publish it on Kirkus’ website. So you can see the entire review on Jan. 4th.]

I am beyond thrilled! I think to celebrate Brooks and I will eat cake or something. I plan on waiting until the first week of January to publish this since it’s hard to get peoples’ attention during Christmas. I won’t know if I received a Kirkus star until I publish it. Fingers crossed! If I get a star I will be eligible for the Kirkus prize, which is $50,000. Fingers and toes crossed!

The picture above is the poster Brooks and I made for my family’s catering business. My awesome sister is going to sell a couple copies of The Alchemist’s Theorem at their two locations. The quote is from my Daddy who of course loved the book.

Happy Days!!!!


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