Word Count & the New Year


For the past few months I have been obsessing over marketing for The Alchemist’s Theorem. I’ve been researching, communicating, and scheduling like an addict. Before marketing, I was addicted to putting together and running my August Kickstarter. Before that, I was addicted to writing and finishing the novel itself.

This is why I don’t binge watch TV or play video games anymore. I’ve found that indulging in those sorts of addictions make me less productive. However, I’m convinced that being 100% sober isn’t good for me either. So all of that desire-driven energy gets funneled into my work. However, being so focused on marketing made me feel anxious about writing. I wasn’t working on the next book much.

Toward the end of last week I found myself staring at my computer without any marketing stuff to do. I finally reached the point where I’ve done everything I need to do. I’m well prepared for January’s marketing campaign. I just have to keep an eye on some statuses. I felt like I hit a wall. At one point I looked at Brooks and said, “I don’t know what to do with myself.” I had all this energy that wasn’t being directed at anything. Plus, I’m filled with anticipation for the pending results of January’s marketing campaign. I felt so restless!

Thankfully, this weekend, I took the time to redirect my obsessive energy. Brooks and I went to our usual gluten-free bakery and worked on our writing projects. I wrote a whole bunch of words for the second Alchemist’s Theorem book. My current word count is just over 6500. I plan on reaching 10,000 words by the end of the year. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing like a fiend again. I love this world and all of the characters in it. I’m especially pleased with one of the new characters I’ve introduced to the story (that’s all I’m saying!).

So now that I’ve finished writing this damn blogpost, and I have the rest of the day to myself, I’m headed straight to working on the book. Goodbye!


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