Marketing Plan of Attack


(I spent Thanksgiving in Arizona with Brooks and his sisters, and had a lovely time. Besides flying through the Phoenix airport, I had never been to the desert before. It was beautiful, dry, and there were no sidewalks where I was.)

I’ve been trying, testing, and planning different marketing strategies for The Alchemist’s Theorem. I’m figuring out what works and what doesn’t work for me. So far, the most effective campaign was my Kickstarter, which continues to help sell copies of the book even after it ended three months ago.

Besides the two reviews scheduled to post in January, I will be advertising in the following media outlets: Book Goodies, Fussy Librarian, E-Reader News Today, and Kindle Book Review. I still need a few more reviews on Amazon in order to qualify for some of these, but I have a few on the way, which should get me there.

Booklife, which is the self-publishing arm of Publisher’s Weekly, has received my book but apparently I have a 25% chance of them actually reading and reviewing it. I’ll also be sending a copy to Booklist this week, but again, my chances of them reading and reviewing it aren’t great. And I’m waiting to hear from a Harry Potter fan website to see if they will read and review The Alchemist’s Theorem (this would be huge!).

I’m also continuing to look for more outlets to try, and I will report on how everything works. I may even have graphs and charts, but no promises. Onward!


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