A Call for Reviewers


I’m gearing up for a big marketing push this January 2016. During the start of the new year my Kirkus review will be published, and there is a good chance a review will show up in Middle Shelf Magazine, too. These are two big reviews that will reach a larger audience. I want to do some paid advertising to help build the book’s momentum. I’ve done my research and found a few effective, affordable outlets, but I’ve run into an issue. In order to advertise with some of these websites, The Alchemist’s Theorem needs to have a certain amount of Amazon/Goodreads reviews.

Right now I have 4 Amazon and 7 Goodreads reviews, thanks to wonderful friends, family, and samaritans. The requirements vary, but to cover my bases, I need at least 10 reviews for each outlet.

So I need some help. If you’ve read The Alchemist’s Theorem, I would be deeply grateful if you could post a review to both Amazon and Goodreads. The review doesn’t need to be long or detailed. If you could write a few sentences and throw some stars at it that would be a huge help.

I am so thankful for the reviews people have already posted, as well as all of the messages I’ve received about how much everyone is loving the book. It warms my heart and makes my day every time I read or hear people say such lovely, encouraging things. You are the best community ever! Thank you!


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