A Gluten-free, Alchemical, Happy Kitty Weekend


This weekend Brooks and I went to the Hello Kitty opening at EMP, visited a troll under a bridge, went to an alchemy shop that ended up being closed, and worked on our projects.

The Hello Kitty opening on Friday night was great fun. There were so many people, both kids and adults, and everyone had a big smile on their face, which is very much the Hello Kitty spirit. Brooks and I made and exchanged friendship bracelets at one of the activity stations. Mine wasn’t tied tight enough so it gets removed whenever I take off a shirt or hoodie. I’m not sure where it is right now.


We also went to Fremont for some gluten-free pastries on Sunday. As we parked the car, Brooks said, “Oh, do you want to see the troll under the bridge?” There is a giant sculpture of a troll holding a real car in its hand underneath a bridge. It’s a big Seattle attraction. I’ve lived here for three years and hadn’t seen it. So we went, quickly snapped a selfie, and then I said, “OK I saw it, let’s go get some donuts.” The gluten-free bakery didn’t have the donuts I wanted so I got a delicious blueberry muffin instead.


The whole reason we went to Fremont was to visit this charming little shop called The Mortar & Pestle. It is a steampunk-themed tea shop. When we got there we saw that it was closed, which was a bummer because it looks really cool inside. It turned out they were at a nearby, outdoor market. We went there, got to their booth, decided it was too cold to enjoy things, and then went grocery shopping.


After groceries we went home to do some writing. Brooks sat at my desk . . . I mean our desk, and worked on one of his stories. I was happy to see him working away on it. I’m very excited about this series he’s been toiling away at. I didn’t end up working on my book. Instead, I sat on the couch and fiddled with my Goodreads account. I’ve been making some progress there promoting my book, which feels really good.

Overall, it was a fun, productive weekend!



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