Guest Post and 1st Review


Over the weekend, the first review for The Alchemist’s Theorem was posted by Insatiable Readers! I’ve enjoyed exchanging emails with Gina the lovely librarian, who gave my book an incredible 4-star review. It has been a validating experience. She also listed The Alchemist’s Theorem on Goodreads, so that it can be rated, reviewed, and added to peoples’ reading lists. Thank you, Gina!

On Sunday, my guest blogpost appeared on Unleashing Readers! Kellee and Ricki offered me the spot after seeing my Kickstarter video. They asked that my post be directed toward teachers and offer advice about how to engage kids in reading. I immediately thought of sharing my lifelong struggle with reading, and what has helped me. I really enjoyed writing this post for them. Thanks Kellee and Ricki!

Also this weekend, I got to work on the next Alchemist’s Theorem book (pictured above). I definitely had a productive book launch weekend.

I have more reviews coming up. I will keep you posted!


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