The Alchemist’s Theorem: Sir Duffy’s Promise is now available to the general public in digital and physical form through Amazon, The Seattle Book Company, and Barnes and Noble! Hardback copies are exclusively available as POD through The Seattle Book Company. Digital copies can be purchased through Amazon and the Nook store. Traditionally printed paperbacks (offset) are available through Amazon, The Seattle Book Company, and can be ordered through any bookstore.

If you’ve already read the book, THANK YOU! And I hope you enjoyed the adventure. Also, if you want, you can help me promote the book by reviewing it on Amazon, The Seattle Book Company, and especially GOODREADS!¬†Submitting stars and a few words would be a huge help, and I will be eternally grateful.

I have a few bloggers who will be posting their reviews of the book this weekend and next. I’ll be sure to include links to them as they get posted. Also, I have a guest blogpost appearing on the Unleashing Readers website this Sunday. So keep an eye out for that link!

I am so excited I could pass out! To celebrate, I am having a virtual lunch date with my sisters. The four of us are in three different time zones. I’ll be having an early lunch in Seattle, Kathleen and Martha will be having a late lunch in Buffalo, and Elizabeth with be having a late dinner in Germany, and we’ll all be on video chat. I hope this becomes a regular thing.

Happy Book Launch Day!


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