Twins and Daddies


That’s me on the left (with my gorgeous golden curls that disappeared a long time ago), and my twin sister/wombmate Martha on the right. We are walking down the dirt road behind my grandmother’s house. My dad added the word bubbles over the weekend, and made the picture his cover photo on Facebook. There are some special, emotional things going on here.

The first thing is that the closeness my sister and I have in that photo remains to this day. Having a twin is a one-of-kind relationship. The connection is supernatural. My mother tells the story about when we were toddlers and couldn’t speak yet. Martha and I were escaping from our playpen somehow. She would put us in there, leave the room, and a few minutes later turn around and see us standing behind her. Eventually she hid and watched us. Martha would get on all fours, I would climb over her and out of the playpen, and then turn around and pull her out. My poor mother.

The second thing is that my dad is reading my book. There isn’t a wizard in The Alchemist’s Theorem, but Martha’s Wizard of Oz bubble wouldn’t work without it. And a wizard is pretty close to an alchemist. I know my father is reading my book because he commented on one of my posts the other day and mentioned talking rabbits. I responded with, “Are you reading my book?” He said, “Of course I am, honey.” Reading has never been easy for my dad (which is something I inherited from him). When he does read, it is usually nonfiction. So the fact that he’s reading my kid’s fantasy novel, mentioning it in comments, and augmenting pictures, really means a lot to me.

Getting from that yellow brick road in the picture to here has been quite the struggle. The story is too long for this blogpost, and I’m not old enough to recount my entire life yet. But in short, back then no one, including myself, thought I was capable of becoming a writer. It took a long time to convince myself, and a longer time to convince everyone else that I am. And now that everyone believes me, I am filled with so much joy.


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