The Big Move


Brooks and I got our first place together! Technically, we’ve had a place together for a year, but we didn’t pick it out as a couple. We had been dating for only three months, and I moved into his 320 ft² studio after loosing my job and apartment, so it’s more like I’ve been squatting here for a year. We adapted most impressively to our fast-paced relationship and the small amount of living space. I had a few anxiety attacks in the beginning, but we worked through them like relationship pros. The only times I ever got annoyed by our tiny apartment was when I hit my elbow on things (Brooks included).

We decided to start searching for a place together for three reasons: 1) A new building is being constructed right outside our window, and we no longer have a view or any light; 2) we’d like a little more space so when our niece comes to visit she doesn’t have to sleep on the floor between the couch and the TV; and 3) we have cat fever and we must satisfy it by getting a cat, which our current place doesn’t allow.

We’ve looked at places on and off for a while now. There were a few tempting options, but something always triggered our neurosis. So what made us decide to take this place? 1) It has twice the amount of space, hardwood floors, big windows with lots of light, and a decent view, 2) they allow cats, and 3) it’s only a block away from our current place and we love our neighborhood.

Brooks and I have been so caught up with work and projects that getting a place together didn’t seem like a big deal, until we sat down to sign the lease together. This time, instead of having a series of anxiety attacks, we were smiling like goofballs the whole time. Whenever our building manager turned his back on us we’d mouth words to each other like, “We’re such grownups” and “We’re getting a place together!”


For the past two days I have been making several trips over to the new place, hulling our possessions like a mule. I told Brooks that this shelf in the kitchen is mine and he’s not allowed to use it. It’s going to be my alchemy shelf and hold all of the alchemy things I don’t have yet. I also told him that this Christmas I need alchemy things.

We should be all moved in by the end of next week. Thankfully we have a few strong friends helping us move (because I told Brooks that I refuse to move the really big heavy stuff). Brooks is super excited to decorate the new apartment. He’s a design guy. Apparently he is going to measure the place and then model it in one of the applications he uses for modeling exhibits. This way he can conceptualize a few options for arranging the furniture. Because he’s a nerd like that. I’m perfectly fine with it, as long as I get my shelf.



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