Tea Frenzy – The Flying Teapot Word Game


Brooks’ mobile game Tea Frenzy launched this week! It is now available on iOS and Android. The object of the game is to hit the teabags/letters with your flying teapot and spell three- to five-letter words. There are sugar cubes you can hit for bonus points. IT IS ADDICTING! Sometimes, in the morning, when I am in bed, half-awake with only one eye open, I’ll play a quick game before I get up.

As of this post, I hold the record for the highest score achieved. Suckers! Brooks and I have a thread going with our niece, Eliza. We’ve been sending screenshots of our scores, bragging every time we beat each other. And now that the game is live, my family has joined in. My sisters, nephew, step-father, and mother have been posting screenshots of their scores on social media.

It’s a great game, and my honey Mista Brooks has worked so hard on it. This has been a two-year endeavor for him, working on it evenings and weekends. The whole process has been never-ending problem-solving for him, which is something he loves to do.

I got to make the promotional video for the game as well, which was a lot of fun. It’s actually how I got better at playing. I had to capture the gameplay footage for the video, and I needed specific words. This really helped me learn how to maneuver the teapot and get the letters I want. Below is the result.

If you haven’t checked the game out yet, I highly recommend that you do (iOS, Android)! Not that I am trying to enable an addiction for you or anything.

Happy playing!



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