Alchemist’s Theorem Official Release Date is November 6th!


The Alchemist’s Theorem will be officially available to the general public for purchase on November, 6th 2015! Thomson-Shore sent me the estimated completion date for the paperback print run. The 500 paperback copies should be headed to the warehouse for distribution the day before Halloween. Traditionally, books are released on a Tuesday, but I don’t care. November, 3rd doesn’t give my neurosis enough buffer time to ensure the book is ready, while November, 10th makes my neurosis wait too long. So the 6th it is!

Today I purchased my Kirkus review and submitted my order for two color hardbacks to send them. I had been putting it off because 1) it is expensive, and 2) I’m nervous about the review. But over the weekend I finally had a moment where I said to myself, “What are you waiting for? The book is beautiful, the story is great, I am proud of the work I have done.” So ordering everything was a pretty easy task to accomplish this morning.

Also regarding the book’s future, I have to try and find a couple of established author’s in the genre to read my book and provide blurbs for the second edition as well as marketing material. I have leads on a one or two, but I have to work on them. At this point I am sending all reviewers etc color hardbacks since they are the most impressive version of the book.

Back to work!


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